CES x NYC Collection

CES was born Robert Michael Provenzano in 1970, and later became known as CES. He is a New York City leader of the streamlined and aerodynamic “Wildstyle,” alphabetic reconfiguration in contemporary graffiti. His innovations have effected an entire generation of graffiti writers in the United States and abroad and the influence is clear in the work of countless fine artists and writers alike. Besides New York, he has done work in cities as varied as Athens, Los Angeles, Boston, Basel, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Melbourne and Berlin. He is also a world renowned tattoo artist who has over 20 years of work under his belt, attracting clients from all over the world. He currently works out of Tuff City Tattoos in the Bronx.

CES has been featured in the New York Times, Rap Pages, The Source, Mass Appeal, Time Out-New York, and Crains business. His work has also been seen in publications like Juxtapoz and Complex Magazine. Ces has collaborated with household names such as Red Bull, Altoids, VO5, Bacardi and Nike and his work as a tattoo artist has been seen on Spike TV’s hit show Ink Master.