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One of the most iconic names in the adult industry, Asa Akira is not only a porn veteran and multiple industry award winner, she’s also one of our brand ambassadors, an author, podcast host, and much more. We sat down with Asa to ask her a few questions about how she likes to style her favorite PH apparel!

How have you enjoyed working in the adult industry? What are some major moments you’re most proud of?

I love all the obvious things: being in control of my brand, image, and schedule… But having a direct, more intimate connection with the fans who’ve pleasured themselves to me has been my favorite part. I consider it such a privilege that I’ve been able to fulfill my porno dreams in so many ways. For ten years, I got to live out so many fantasies, shooting in big productions in studios full of people with cameras everywhere, feeling so sexy and empowered. Now, I get to channel my exhibitionist perversions in a quieter, and more intense way. I’m showing people a much more vulnerable and personal side of myself, literally in my own home and in my real life. It feels more naked than before. I’m particularly proud of the fact that I’ve stayed authentic to myself for all this time. When I first got into the business, I said I’d never shoot anything that didn’t feel sexy to me, and for the most part, I’ve stayed true to that.   

Which Pornhub Apparel piece is your daily go-to?

The running shorts are hands down my favorite, which is a surprise to even myself. I love the fit and the look, they look super cute with a tiny top, or even a baggy T-shirt. I feel like they look incidentally sexy, rather than overtly so.  

How do you feel when you’re out and about in public in PH Apparel?

During regular Monday to Friday daytime hours, I’m trying to stay as under the radar as possible with my style. I’m a parent, so I’m a lot more discreet. I love to wear my PH gear when I’m out to have a good adult time. The iconic Pornhub logo instantly raises the pornstar factor of any outfit, which I love! 

How do you style your favorite items?

Some of my favorites include pairing the PH running shorts, small white tank top or baggy T-shirt, with designer slides; or the yoga shorts, with the band peeking out under jeans or some parachute pants with a microtee, with chunky white sneakers or stiletto heels.