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When I click on my tracking number, the following message appears:

''An error occurred. Please check if your shipment bar code is correct and try again.''

Not to worry! Your order has shipped. It can take up to 48 hours for tracking information to show up in a carrier’s tracking system.

International Shipment tracking may take up to a few days to display any updates but this does not necessarily mean the shipment is lost.


How long is fulfillment time?

Most of our items are printed on demand, which means there is a fulfillment period to consider.

Orders take in average 3 to 5 business days to fulfill.

* Please calculate shipping time on top of the fulfillment period.


Shipping information*

  • Overnight (US shipments only), includes tracking;
  • Express (1-3 business days in the US and internationally), 
  • Standard (3-5 business days in the US, 3-6 business days in Canada), 
  • Economy (5-8 business days in the US, 6-12 business days in Canada, 5-10 business days internationally). 

The local postal service of the destination country will be the ones making the final mile delivery.

    You can look up your tracking information on your local postal service’s website for more details.

    Below are some examples:









    * Note that the shipping options available will depend on shipping location. Not all of our options will be available for every country.


    Addresses written in symbols: 

    Our shipping facilities may have put your order on temporary hold because they would need your address information to be written out in Latin characters.

    Please email us at store@pornhub.com to update your information as soon as possible so we can help get your order shipped out.


    Unsuccessful delivery attempt 

    In this situation, the package is brought back to the local post office location closest to your delivery address and from there it can be picked up.

    You will need to contact your local post office to arrange a pick up, or sometimes they may offer to schedule another delivery attempt.


    Is the packaging discreet?

    Very important question and the answer is YES!  We use standard packaging such as bubble mailers and plain boxes.  The only information on the label will be PH Apparel.


    Further recommendations for ease of shipping

    • For address and other contact information, please use types of fonts that are understood internationally.  Avoid any typography using glyph.
    • If sending to a business address, please enter the company information under the “company” field and under name insert "ATTN:" then your name.

     All items are subject to review for admissibility into any country outside the United States by the respective border services agency. Once an item clears all regulatory processes, it is handed over to a local shipping company for delivery. Delivery time depends on the product and the distance to its destination.

    For multiple shipments, it may arrive in separate packages as some items may requirement longer production time.

    If possible, we suggest to sign up for email notifications from your local shipping company to receive delivery status updates and get notified if you owe duty and/or taxes for this item.



    If your payment is declined, please follow these steps:

    • Information: Verify that all your credit card or Paypal information are accurate.
    • Insufficient funds: Check with your bank or you credit card issuer to see if you have sufficient funds, or to raise your credit limit.
    • Wrong address: You may be entering the wrong address without even knowing it. Our payment processor uses address verification for all charges and will refuse a charge if you enter the wrong billing address.
    • Credit card on "hold" by bank:  Sometimes a bank will refuse a charge because the attempted purchase is not a normal or expected purchase for the customer. Banks have automated fraud detection systems that looks for suspicious purchases. Call your bank to ensure that you card has not had a "hold" put on it because it suspected that the charges you have been attempting were fraudulent. If you've tried calling your bank, asked about everything on this page, and your credit card still isn't being accepted, please email us at store@pornhub.com and we will do our best to assist you.
    • Completed transaction without receiving order confirmation:  

      This is definitely unusual.  In the event of such problem, please send us a an email at store@pornhub.com with a copy of your credit card statement and we will assist you in order to resolve the issue.