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Connie Perignon has created a legacy for herself in a remarkably short period of time. She is the definition of a breakout star. In her first year, she has worked with major production companies, was nominated for 3 awards at the 5th Annual Pornhub Awards, and took home the trophy for Favorite Inked Model. Ask anybody in the industry and they will know the name Connie Perignon! So we caught up with her to find out how she feels about the scene she’s making such a splash in and what her favorite, go-to Pornhub gear is!

How have you enjoyed working in the adult industry? What are some major moments you’re most proud of?

It’s been a wild ride in the industry so far! I’ve come a long way since my first scene in April of last year, but I’m so proud of the work I’ve done and the growth I’ve experienced in that time. Some other notable moments: signing at the Jules Jordan booth for my first AVN, getting nominated for 3 Pornhub Awards, and getting to work with some of my favorite pornstars (cough cough, Manuel Ferrara!

Which Pornhub Apparel piece is your daily go-to?

You’ll never be able to rip the Classic Sweatpants out of my hands! Definitely the piece that gets the most wear for me.

How do you feel when you’re out and about in public in PH Apparel? 

At first, I used to be scared that I would get recognized more, but since then I’ve just stopped caring. Pornhub is a household name now and is objectively cool. How you feel about it has nothing to do with me! If anything, I get complimented more when I wear my Pornhub merch.

How do you style your favorite PH merch?

For a casual look (I call this being “off duty”) I like the black Pornhub Triangle Bra, black Pornhub Classic Sweatpants, loose white linen button down, white frilly socks, and sneakers. For a going out look, I’ll wear a tiny, cropped shirt, pleated tennis skirt, Pornhub Faux-Fur Bucket Hat, sunglasses at night, tiny bag, and heeled bootie!