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Come for that signature athletic body, stay for her charismatic personality. Josy Black can often be found strutting through major European cities repping Pornhub’s iconic black-and-orange colors. After making her name in the adult industry, the German beauty is now taking the world of modeling and social media by storm. Find out what Josy’s go-to items are. 

Everyone should feel comfortable with who they are and what they wear. I am extremely grateful to share my favorite pieces that make me feel flawless and to help you find yours! - Josy Black

How have you enjoyed working in the Model Program – any major moments you’re most proud of?

My motto in life is to always give my best, which reflects in my work. With Pornhub by my side, I’ve found a partner who shares these values.

I am so incredibly proud to have been nominated in 5 categories at the last Pornhub Awards! Even though I didn't win, it was an amazing feeling. I'm really looking forward to the next awards show and I know that this time I will win in a category!

Which Pornhub Apparel piece do you keep coming back to daily?

Where I live, the sun shines 300 days a year, which is why I love to wear the bucket hat and the dolphin shorts. They not only look cool, but I also feel super comfortable in them. I don't need to say much about the thong bodysuit -- it really just makes everybody look sexy!

How do you feel when you’re out and about in PH Apparel?

I feel great and extremely confident; I feel like I am contributing to the recognition of sex workers in society. In those moments, I feel like I am representing everyone. Of course, it attracts attention, but I find the individual reactions of people interesting because you also get a lot of unexpected support from complete strangers.

Why did you choose these pieces to be featured in your Pornhub Faves collection?

I can identify with these pieces, they match my style, and the quality of the material is simply unbeatable.