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International supermodel, Pornhub Brand Ambassador, and Trans icon Natassia Dreams is our newest Model Spotlight! Most recently, she was featured in Shayne Oliver’s debut fashion film, Rec. She has walked the runaway in major fashion shows around the world and has worked with several top production companies. Naturally, we asked her a few questions about how she likes to style her favorite black and orange apparel.

How have you enjoyed working in the adult industry?

I have loved working in the adult industry because it has given me a place to explore my sexuality, be comfortable in my body, and represent a marginalized community, all while providing me with the financial stability to have an adventurous life.

What are some major moments you are most proud of?

Major moments in my career include becoming a Pornhub Brand Ambassador, being the first Black Trans woman on numerous Trans and non-Trans sites, and being the first Trans woman to win an XBIZ Award in a non-Trans category. Also being contracted to direct for Evil Angel's Panssexual X, being a TEA Lifetime Achievement Award winner, and being the TEA Red Carpet Host. And of course, having a nearly 20-year career!

Which Pornhub Apparel piece is your daily go-to?

My go-to favorite is the Ghost Collection Hoodie and matching Sweatpants in extra-large.

How do you feel when you’re out and about in public in PH Apparel?

I feel empowered because I do not have shame around sex. Also, I represent a brand that is really inclusive and takes a stand to make changes. I feel like like-minded people know you are cool. And I have had many interesting airport lounge conversations in PH Apparel hoodies!

How do you style your favorite items?

I am a lounge girl when I am not all glammed up, so a sports bra, some sweats and a hoodie is me all day! If I am wearing a body suit, I need a little micro mini skirt or shorts to show off my legs. Also, love wearing the Yoga Shorts under a big t-shirt or hoodie.