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Thanks to our Achievement Awards program that celebrates subscriber count milestones, Sweetie Fox is well acquainted with our catalogue of classic and custom pieces after hitting 1 million subscribers in 2022! When she’s not rocking her signature fox ears, the Pornhub Award winning starlet isn’t shy to strut her black-n-orange pride in public. Keep reading to get to know more about Sweetie Fox’s successes and her favourite items for feeling stylish and sexy.  

How have you enjoyed working in the Model Program – any major moments you’re most proud of? 

The model program provides opportunities to prove yourself in the adult sphere. This is exactly what we like to do - to show our love to the whole world and bring pleasure. We really appreciate our viewers. Their support and involvement have been the best reward for our creativity.

We are very glad that we’ve been ranked #1 amongst amateur Models. When we started our journey, we never expected to reach such a high ranking. This is our greatest achievement.

Which Pornhub Apparel piece do you keep coming back to daily?

Every day I wear my favorite Pornhub dolphin shorts, they’re comfortable for the home but also sexy.

How do you feel when you’re out and about in PH Apparel? 

I like to go out in Pornhub clothes! It immediately attracts attention and I get a lot of shy smiles. I feel like I’m part of a large Pornhub family.  

Why did you choose these pieces to be featured in your Pornhub Faves collection?

I chose these items because they match my style and emphasize my sexuality.