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While some of us have spent the last year working on our baking skills and TikTok videos to try and stay sane and entertained, Adhara and King decided to share their love, passion, and sex life with the world and joined the Pornhub Model Program. Since then, THESTARTSOFUS has been named Amateur Model of the Month, made our top 20 list, and grew their brand and fanbase so much, they’re now able to focus on producing content full time.

Keep reading and get to know the lovely couple behind THESTARTOFUS below

1. How have you enjoyed being part of the Model Program? What has been your favourite moment that you’re most proud of?

It’s been such a wonderful adventure. We’ve accomplished so much more than we would have ever imagined. All the love and support we get from everyone is astonishing. and it feels like a dream. One of our proudest moments was when we were nominated for a Pornhub Award for Favorite Couple. When we started two years ago, it was a goal to be part of the Annual Pornhub Awards, but we never thought it would actual happen until that very moment.

2. What Pornhub Apparel piece do you keep coming back to daily?

One of my favorite apparel pieces would have to be the Pornhub bodysuit. I love how sexy and confident it makes me feel.

3.How do you feel when you’re out and about in Pornhub Apparel?

Going out in Pornhub Apparel is amazing! I like being able to showcase my support for sex workers. I believe that it’s given lots of individuals the freedom to express themselves safely. It makes me feel like an empowered woman.

4. Why did you choose these pieces to be featured in your Pornhub Faves collection?

These are all the pieces that make me feel comfortable and beautiful.